Study Circles

New York

441 E. Fordham Rd
Bronx, NY 10458

Contact: Rob Duffy

2015 Update:

The New York City Study Circle met several times in 2015 and they focused on the controversy concerning the various ways of interpreting nature and grace, especially the natural human desire for the supernatural. “In that vein,” writes leader Rob Duffy, “we discussed Joseph Owens’s book Human Destiny. A central concern for us was the preservation of distinction between faith and reason, and between grace and nature, without therefore making grace/faith purely external to nature/reason, nor nature/reason self-sufficient without grace/faith. The book helped us refine the (sometimes paradoxical) claims at the heart of the nature/grace debates that defined much of twentieth-century Catholic and ecumenical theology.

In the same vein, this spring we are meeting to discuss Henri de Lubac’s A Brief Catechesis on Nature and Grace. We have so far focused on the theme of divine transcendence, with a view to articulating how this transcendence is in fact preserved, rather than destroyed or undermined, by a theology that does not articulate grace and nature as extrinsic to one another, but rather grace as in some sense integral to properly human fulfillment.”