Study Circles


117 W. Roberts
Fresno, CA 93704

From California’s central region, Dori de Joseph happily reports that the group “continues to meet weekly and discusses a new Communio article once a month.” The group kicked off the year by reading and discussing David L. Schindler's editorial “The Repressive Logic of Liberal Rights: Religious Freedom, Contraceptives, and the ‘Phony’ Argument of the New York Times” from the Winter 2011 issue. She says, “Our latest articles have included ‘The Significance of Vatican II’ by Francis Cardinal George and Rev. José Granados's article on‘The Body, the Family, and the Order of Love: The Interpretive Key to Vatican II,’ both from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue.”

As part of the fruitfulness this community has experienced, Dori attested to her newfound level of understanding and engagement in philosophical discussions, particularly as discovered at the American Catholic Philosophers Association’s annual conference. “My study of Communio over the years and our alternate weeks of reading St. Thomas gave me the ability to enjoy and keep up with the presenters,” she says of her recent trip to Santa Monica with another Circle member. “It is wonderful being part of this special Communio family.”