Study Circles


Promisek Center
P.O. Box 424
Bridgewater, CT 06752

Contact: Roger Duncan & Kelly Briney

Despite some set-backs among the regular members, the Promisek Communio Study Circle managed to meet a few times this year, according to Roger Duncan. “Our meetings earlier in the year spent valuable time on Stratford Caldecott’s article “‘Face to Face’: The Difference between Hindu and Christian Non-Dualism” from the Winter 2007 issue and one meeting on D.C. Schindler’s “Enriching the Good: Toward the Development of a Relational Anthropology,” from the Winter 2010 issue. After breaking for the summer, the group decided to “redirect its focus and approach” to texts the community would read and discuss together. “At the beginning of Advent, we inaugurated a series devoted to an ongoing study of Hans Urs van Balthasar’s Theodrama, Theological Dramatic Theory,” the second series of volumes in van Balthasar’s trilogy. “I can report enthusiasm and a good turnout of members!”