Study Circles


St. Clement's Eucharistic Shrine
1105 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02536

Contact: Gregory Gillis

At our meeting of April 28 of this year, the Boston Communio Group discussed articles from the Winter 2012 issue by or about the thought of Cardinal Danielou. Attending the session itself was memorable. St. Clement's Shrine is adjacent to the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing in which 3 people were immediately killed and hundreds were seriously wounded. The meeting happened on the first day after the barricades to the scene were removed and thousands of people were roaming the area.

Nevertheless, we had a good discussion. The study of Danielou was a follow-up of our previous studies of de Lubac and von Balthasar. We compared features of scholastic, neo-scholastic and nouvelle Catholic theologies. We dwelt on contributions of the Early Fathers to the contemporary Church. We admired the contributions of modern science to the betterment of mankind while  expressing misgivings for times when it has transgressed natural law.

One member of our group, Jay Franklin has established a blog, It contains essays of interest on the Church and current events.